“The treatments I have had with Trout have been enlightening as well as therapeutic.  He was able to offer insight in a way that no other therapist has been able to do.  Through his treatments I was able to find the source of my back problems and, as a result, live virtually pain free today.  He approaches his work with compassion and understanding, and I look forward to every treatment.”

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This work is about true healing, at the authentic self level.  It is about breaking the old and rebuilding the new.  People from all walks of life have reported profound results.  Physical, mental, and emotional issues have resolved, sometimes completely and permanently, leaving people feeling stronger, healthier, and “more themselves”.

The work is difficult to describe.  It follows no observable patterns, and adapts itself appropriately to each situation.  Each session is unique and unpredictable, allowing the treatment to flow in the direction that is most effective.  Trout has studied, and instructed, numerous modalities which has given him an understanding of systems and patterns in the body.  He uses this knowledge to navigate the complex human entity in order to facilitate the most complete and long lasting healing possible.

trout from nana

This is not massage.  It is closer to a ‘reading’.  Though this work is truly impossible to describe, there are some things that can help to understand this process.  And because it is so difficult to describe this work, testimonials are vital for helping to get the word out.  Individual experiences will vary, but there are some things to know.

The client is always in control
The client dresses to their own comfort, and is encouraged to communicate in any way that is appropriate and helpful.  They can alter or discontinue any action or aspect of the treatment, at any time.  As the client, you have the option to direct the session to your needs, as you see fit.

No modalities
Identifying yourself with a modality limits you to that modality.  This work is about listening, which gives access to multiple modalities.  This is part of why treatments are unpredictable, as no modality is decided upon ahead of time.  The body knows best, and will guide the healing process in the most effective way.  Listening is the key to accessing true intuition, and effective healing.  This is also a reason why Trout has opted to become an Ordained Minister, as that allows him to perform whatever work is asked for, from physical to spiritual.

All healing is energy healing
The physical and energetic bodies, are not separate, and in fact are in constant communication.  Trout is able to weave through this fabric of energies to get closer to the source of an issue, often producing  dramatic results.  Trout also teaches the physics of this relationship in classes and workshops that he continues to develop.  This is the physics of not-knowing and unlearning.  The opposite of what is taught in school.

What will a session look like?
Please understand that the nature of listening provides very few predictable outcomes, or predetermined paths.  What Trout does for you, or a friend, is not what to expect for any other person.  This dynamic allows access to the most appropriate, and potentially unexpected healing experience.  As the client, you are always encouraged to set parameters for this experience.  Remember, you are in charge!

“I was having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Trout worked with me and helped resolve the feelings I was stuck in.  He helped transform a negative experience into a profound healing opportunity.  It helped more than I could express, and I’m sure that he saved me countless hours of therapy sessions.

It doesn’t have to take ten years to heal!


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