In 1996, Trout helped found and manage an organic farm in Olympia, WA.  There he studied sustainable agriculture, and began learning about nutrition from the soil up.  He moved to New Mexico in 1998 where he became active in the local food cooperative, as well as the local radio station.  In 2003 he began his education at The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, where he then worked as an instructor for eight years.

Since then, Trout has developed a series of classes intending to demystify the healing experience and provide strategies for achieving natural vitality.  He uses everyday examples and accessible physics to explain and describe the ‘how and why’ of healing.  Participants in Trout’s classes consistently report excellent results, and regularly ask for more class time.

Trout is committed to a healthy community,     and has consistently worked to support this belief.



Read more about the work here.                                                                      It’s true.  My parents named me Trout.

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