Healing Work

“The doctor told me that after my foot surgery, it would take about six months to heal.  I had a session with Trout and he instinctively worked my injured foot, even though I hadn’t told him about it.  When I returned to my doctor he said that he didn’t know what I was doing, but to keep doing it, because he couldn’t find a reason to keep doing my rehab.  My healing had time had been cut from six months to one!”
– S.O.  New York

Trout has a unique gift, and has helped me to release blockages that I wasn’t even aware of.  He has helped to bring a new awareness and understanding of my body and what it is asking for.  I would encourage anyone to take advantage of his unique skills when they have a chance.”
– J.R.  California

“The treatments I have had with Trout have been enlightening as well as therapeutic.  He was able to offer insight in a way that no other therapist has been able to do.  Through his treatments I was able to find the source of my back problems and, as a result, live virtually pain free today.  He approaches his work with compassion and understanding, and I look forward to every treatment.”
– K.D.  North Dakota

“Complications from a condition left me with a headache that lasted for five weeks.  After just one treatment with Trout, my headache disappeared completely.  I have received much body work throughout my life, and Trout is easily the most knowledgeable about the body that I have worked with.  He understands both the physical and energetic systems, and how they work together.”
– N.E.  New Mexico

“I was walking down the street with Trout when a teenager with a puppy came over to us.  The puppy had been thrown out of a moving car, and he was taking it home to rescue it.  He asked if I wanted to hold it and he put it in my hands.  The puppy was tiny – maybe a month old – and his eyes were closed and he wasn’t really moving.  Trout watched for a minute and then asked if he could work on the dog.  He put his hands over the dogs skull for about 10 seconds and then said that the dogs spine needed to be adjusted.  He then put his hand over the dogs back for about 10 seconds.  As soon as he removed his hands the dog opened his eyes and began sniffing around my chest.  You could see him breathing in and out all of a sudden, and he seemed to be ‘alive’.  I have no doubt that Trout saved that puppy.  It took him about 30 seconds, and I am not sure if he even touched the dog.  I will NEVER forget this experience.”
– B.K.  New Mexico

“When I went to see Trout for an injury and pain, he found older injuries that were the cause of my current pain.  I had no idea they were related.  After his treatments, I felt stronger in general, and could move better through my range of motion.  Now I see him to tune up before my [MMA] matches.”
– B.W.  New Mexico

“I began practicing Kung Fu for my health at age 53.  Shortly afterward, I feared I would have to quit because my knees were hurting too much.  After working with Trout, in one session, I was able to resume my practice. I continue treatments with him to maintain my strength.”
– L.A.  New Mexico

Trout‘s services were astounding and truly touched the core of my physical ailment.  His generosity and true intent to heal others are admirable qualities.”
-T.C.  Arizona

Trout speaks the language of the body.  With a wide skill set, he listens to the story that each individual tells to get at the root cause of pain and help alleviate it.  I am so grateful to have found him!”
– B.G.  New Mexico

“After my experience with Trout, I recommended that a friend see him for his back pain.  He had been very skeptical about my results with his work, and what Trout could accomplish.  When my friend came out of his session, his exact words were: ‘I understand now why you see Trout.’   My friend was both physically and mentally better after his one session.”
– G.Q.  California

Trout‘s work is amazing.  My health and state of mind have significantly improved from working with him.”
– G.Q.  California

Trout has an innate capability to track and locate the original problem in ones system. He is amazing!!! He has been able to get energy flowing through old injuries I thought couldn’t be fixed. If I could get a treatment from him once a week, I’d be in much better shape. Thanks Trout for everything!”
– M.C.  New Mexico

Trout, your healing work is a true blessing. You are an inspiration. Thank you.”
– J.G.  New Mexico

“The work you do has the power to change lives, and you are a most vital asset to the healing community.  We all believe in you”
– K.R.  New Mexico

“I started receiving bodywork from Trout in January of this year. I chose to see him because of an experience I had six years ago when he was my instructor at The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. I had pulled something in my hip area and was experiencing lot of pain, although I had told no one about it. As I was lying on the table Trout came over, put his hands on my feet, closed his eyes for a few seconds and said: “something is going on with your adductor brevis and it’s tipping your pelvis.” He proceeded to do a few manipulations I had never seen before, and immediately I felt almost 100 percent better. I asked him how he knew where I was hurting, and he smiled and said “I just know.” So six years later, after experiencing a major back injury in my lumbar spine, I wanted to see Trout. I had many limitations as a result of this injury, but those limitations grew considerably fewer with each treatment. I believeTrout’s bodywork is so effective because he possesses the rare combination of raw intuition, a skilled and relaxing touch, and an extensive knowledge of healing modalities and anatomy. During our sessions, he tunes into the body, knows where the pain lies and how to release it. He utilizes such techniques as myofascial release, polarity therapy, swedish massage, core synchronism, cranio-sacral therapy, shiatsu, and reflexology as a structural framework, and integrates them into his own intuition guided treatment. As his client, not only is my physical pain lessened with each session, but I also experience an overall feeling of greater health and energy on a physical, mental, and emotional level. As a fellow massage therapist, I learn so much from Trout and enjoy watching his work—which is inspiring and artistic in nature.”
– S.M.  New Mexico

Trout has helped me to understand relaxation, and since our time working together I have experienced long lasting relief.  I recommend his work to anyone who has lived with pain, and has not found the results they are looking for.  This work must be experienced.”
– V.C.  New Mexico

“Since Trout’s treatment, I have been feeling the best I have felt in years.  I am just so grateful!  Feeling so great!”
– S.M.  New Mexico

“I was unable to get any help, relief, or healing from my M.D. for a severe trauma to my knee from a fall.  Trout was able to reduce the swelling and pain immediately as well as give me back my mobility. After just a few treatments, my knee was well on its way to healing.  He has a remarkable ability to “see” into the body and to follow the path to get to the core of the trouble.”
– J.R. Washington

“I called Trout as soon as I could after my car accident.  The whiplash that I was worrying about never happened, and in fact, Trout found something in my digestive system that was also cleared up during the treatment.  My body actually feels better after all of this!”
– N.J.  New Mexico

“We were playing soccer when I twisted my knee.  There was a loud POP and I was unable to stand up.  Trout came over and put his hands on me for about two minutes.  He told me that he would reset my bones and that I should be fine.  I got up and played the rest of the game.  It was an amazing experience.”
– E.K.  New Mexico

“Thanks so much for the excellent and skillful treatment. I am so glad we know you and you are in our world.  Accept this BIG BLAST of love we are sending your way.  Much blessings.”
– P.A.  New Mexico


Anonymous Classroom Comments

The Language of Relaxation (continuing education)

“The models we worked with helped me to find ways to explain things to my clients, as well as trust my own intuition.”

“In this course, I got to see the applications of diagrams that I had only heard of before.  This was amazing and I will take it with me everywhere I’ll go with bodywork and beyond!”

“This class improved my assurance in the healing model.  The listening techniques gave me new confidence.”

“This workshop challenged me to think about everything in a different light.  Something about what I learned changed everything for me and I am so excited to apply this information in my practice.  Trout has done a great job of developing this course into a great experience that I will recommend to my colleagues.” ***

“Your enthusiasm is simply enjoyable.  I would like to take all of your workshops!”

at boooard

“This workshop did so much to help me understand that work that I was already doing, and to change and broaden my scope of work, especially on an intuitive level.  Trout has incredible intuition, and has developed ways to explain this.  He showed me that we all have incredible intuition, and how to tap into it just by listening to our clients, and especially to ourselves.  Since taking this class, I have done and seen things with my work that I could only have imagined before.”

“Most beneficial:  The information about physics and the universe.  I would like more time, more days, more Trout!  Teach more classes!” ***

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I am excited to apply what I have learned to my life and my bodywork.  Thank you.”

“Mind Blown.  Make your workshops longer.”

“More time more Trout please.  Keep up the sharing.  Excellent workshop.”

“Awesome information.  The treatment from Trout, and interactions with other practitioners were very beneficial.”




Independent Instruction – Classes / Workshops / Lectures

“This is the kind of work that will get your treatments talked about.  Trout has developed a way to explain and describe the more subtle aspects of healing.  He has built a reputation for longer lasting results, and is excited to share his energy and knowledge.  This class is a must for bodyworkers.”

“If we had more teachers like Trout my generation would be way better off.  He does a beautiful job of incorporating spirituality and science and bringing it down to earth.”

“Immense content value.  Your knowledge and skill is beyond belief.  You’re the best.  I can think of no improvements for this class.”

“I enjoy learning the information and I always have new insights to my own happenings during your lecture and feel that each workshop gives what I need.”

“This class was perfect as it was.  I would be interested in taking any course taught by you, just about ever.”

“This workshop was perfect exactly as it is!  I am interested in hearing anything else Trout wants to or will talk about!”

“What was presented to me is very beneficial, especially the practice sessions.  The lectures were great with a lot of good information.  I can think of no improvements to this class at this time.  I really did learn and retrieve beneficial information.”

Trout kept me engaged, and presented ideas and concepts in an easy way to understand.  Plus it is really nice that I could apply these concepts in my practice right now.”

“Lecture was great and understandable – awe inspiring – observing a treatment was great – being the guinea pig for another student was surprisingly effective.  Excellent, mind expanding.  All the info, as fast and furious as it was, was so enlightening… and exciting.  I need to sit with all of this for a while”

“Excellent.  I benefited most from your sense of self trust, “no limitations”, and feeling at home in your company!”

Trout is very present and is able to explain complexity with clarity.  I enjoyed how the flow of what we learned formed as we went, which mirrored the theory we were learning… put it into practice.  It was especially helpful to have real-world examples to explain big theories.”

“You offer the world of cynics a chance at happiness.  It offers us a chance at truly understanding the universe and accepting our place in it.  You gave me real purpose for the first time in my life.  The work you do is so important.  The world needs you.”




Student Evaluations of School Classroom Instruction

“I can wholeheartedly say that Trout is one of the best teachers I ever had.  His energy was amazing, and his passion for the subject matter contagious.  He was playful, caring and 100% there to encourage the love of learning.  He’s a teacher you never forget.”

“Your knowledgeless knowledge of the body is astounding.  You’re a great teacher and a great experimenter.  Thank you for expanding my view of what is possible.”

“Thank you for encouraging us to find our own way.  I love your energy and so enjoyed classes with you.  I appreciate all that you have brought into my life.”

Trout knows many unique ways of being, and the ways which he shares the special information he holds is amazing”

“You are a wonderful person and teacher.  Your class is what made this school enjoyable!  I will miss you!!!”

“It’s been awesome – My experience with you has been profoundly illuminating on many occasions, and always pleasant.  You are appreciated.  Thank You.”

“You are awesome, and I wish you could teach us everything.  You alone have made this a wonderful experience.”

“You have been inspirational to me, in your energy and enthusiasm.  Thanks for being real.”

“I wanted to say thanks for the great training you gave me.  I really appreciate your enthusiasm, your willingness to help, and your teaching style.  It’s more than that though.  You showed us the importance and value of giving of ourselves to our clients in love, in compassion, and acceptance which forms the foundation, the very core of therapeutic massage.  You are the man!”

“My heart is warmed by the radiance and enthusiasm of your offering.  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and light.”

“Thank you for being such a great teacher this past year.  You are a SUPER inspiring person with how excited you are about healing, life in general, and sharing information.  Your humor and creativity are awesome.  You are a beautiful and gifted person.  I hope to be around you more in the future.”

Trout is very encouraging and enthusiastic about what he does and in helping others understand and feel enthusiastic.  He has great answers for great questions!”

”I loved this class.  Teacher and practice – both amazing.  Sad there are so few classes as this work is inspiring and powerful.”

“I wish I had more of this class.  Content was amazing I just want more!  Really thorough presentation with amazing knowledge and skill.  I loved the unique honesty in answering his way with questions.  He was very open and I always felt comfortable.  This guy is phenomenal.”

Trout covered A LOT of information in just a few classes.  It was very interactive and hands-on.  He is a well of knowledge and skill.  Really great to work with.  Amazing.  Would love to have several more classes.”

”This is my favorite class so far!  This class has increased my awareness and intuition while working with clients.  Trout is so open and in tune, and is empowering to us.  He answers questions to be sure we understand the answer.  So so sad Trout is leaving our school, but so so grateful to have gotten to meet Trout and have him as a teacher!”

“Answered best of his ability with an indescribable modality.  He’s so amazing in his knowledge, thinking, explanation and description of what myofascial is.  His feedback and assistance was the best!”

“Fantastic content, interesting and well presented.  Trout has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely talented at what he does.  Great feedback and food for thought.”

Trout is very knowledgeable, free, and open minded.  His assistance was very helpful.  He not only answered questions, but allowed us to use our mind to answer our own questions.”

“Fascinating and inspired.  Trout is deep, passionate, and thorough.  His feedback and assistance is intuitive and spot on.  Just right.”

“This class was great!  Inspiring and very mind blowing!  He really made me feel confident in my work.”

Trout, your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  You are the reason that I recommend this school to others.”




Trout Week (Six consecutive days of treatments, lectures, and Q&A)

“I have suffered from numerous health problems for several years.  Trout told me that he could help if I spent a week with him.  That week changed me.  When I came home afterward, I made several big important decisions
and acted on them.  I gained the courage and confidence to quit my job, end an unproductive relationship, and move back to my home town to deal with my emotional past.  Soon after that I eliminated almost all of my meds, and cut back the remaining few to half dose.  His work is indescribable, but necessary.  I don’t know why he is not famous!”
– L.A.

“There is no way to describe how important this time has been.  What I have learned with Trout has improved my life in unexpected and profound ways.  My thoughts, habits, relationships, integrity, and courage have all increased dramatically, and I am not even done yet.  I have begun to understand physics, energy, and life in ways that are more complete and appropriate.  Far beyond my expectations…  Honestly, I will probably never run out of things to say about this experience.  Trout is unique and genuine in his life, and has gifted me with an understanding that is priceless.  If you are courageous and honest, I cannot recommend this experience enough.”
– L.C.

Trout worked on my cat every day for a week.  She is 20 years old and suffers from a tumor in her hip.  She also has regular fits of palsy.  When Trout left the tumor has completely vanished.  Since then, for more than a year now my cat has had not a single bout of palsy.  Not one.  And there is no sign of the tumor that had been bothering her for years.”

” Within one week of meeting and spending time with Trout I was able to realize things about myself that I subconsciously knew but wasn’t quite ready to admit or accept until he reminded me. It was a life-changing experience in an exhilarating way. Once you are ready to let go of who you thought you were and what you thought life was like and accept the raw beauty all around us, Trout will be the person to call. ”